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Bali Cycling

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  • Bali Cycling
  • Bali Cycling
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  • Bali Cycling

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Bali Cycling is one of the most famous Bali Activities to enjoy Bali Countryside Cycling for your memorable experience during your holiday in Bali Island. On your tour we will watching the passing parade of rural life as we cycle, stopping along the way to chat with village woman and farmers amid their daily work routine and to laugh at the antics of the small children who smile and wave and call hello. As traditional craftsman go about their daily routine, we stop to enjoy a privileged opportunity to watch them at their ancient craft.

This special full day cycling tour of adventure we would like to give you an interesting experience, education, exercise and fun. To our guests will be visit a Balinese compound to see what the Balinese home looks like and their daily life at the small village in the country side. Watching the woman prepared about their daily task of making beautiful offerings to the family temple. Around the village we also see the Balinese family temple are marvelous examples of religious architecture richly adorned with carvings and beautifully situated within their various landscapes, these was became a traditional Balinese culture.

Your trip also see the banyan and pule tree is one of the important trees in Bali, located next to the temples or cemetery have a banyan and pule tree. For Balinese people the banyan and pule tree is sacred tree which is used for religious rituals, (for the cremation, ceremony or offerings to the temple). We will also visit Ukur-ukuran temple where these temple interesting inheritance archaeological remains is to experience the magic and peel the spirit rural of Bali. After visiting the temple, we ride through a Balinese plantation where you get to sample an exotic tropical fruits, herbs or medicine plants as we ride through lush forested areas.

And followed by 1 hour walk through lush rice paddy panoramas to see the marvelous irrigation system at work and observe the time less routine of planting and harvesting rice. Accompanied by the sound of birds and beautiful butterflies area part of the scenery of our walk through primary jungle, river and twin waterfall. We will guide and explain you this amazing culture and the relationship the Balinese have with their island. The temple about 3 km from ubud, where you will can choice your menu lunch with Indonesian food at the stunning restaurant in Ubud.

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